KŪ is the beginning

KŪ 空 is a word used in zen. It means “everything means nothing, nothing means everything”.

We supply high end coffee and equipment but this is not our final goal. Our goal is to create an opportunity for people to feel happiness and inner peace through brewing and drinking coffee.

To make this possible, we need good coffee and good equipment. By utilising these tools, our brewing process becomes our meditation. Just focus on the simplest things in front of you. And respect the coffee and the tools. Because the out come is always about treasuring every brew for it will never recur.

“All the good coffees and equipment means nothing, but these are the key to bring you happiness and inner peace which to us means everything.”

Person behind creating KŪ

Hanna Teramoto is the NZ Barista Champion 2014 & 2022. She truely believe coffee can make the world a better place and created KŪ as her own brand under Coffee Tech to start the journey and reach her goal one day.

KŪ represents her Japanese heritage and zen mind combined with her years of experience in specialty coffee. KŪ is not only limit to coffee but coffee will always be in the foundation of her concept.

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