Kuro Blend

Product description :

Kuro 黒 means the colour black. If a black object is existing in the pitch dark you cannot see. You cannot see but it surely exists. This could be interpreted to our goal as being your daily coffee, the lingering aftertaste that leaves on your palate or simply black coffee.

This espresso blend is made from Best of Panama high ranking farm coffees and Cup of Excellence top 150 coffee in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Gera Lot 142 Washed
Panama Santamaria Caturra Natural
Panama Santamaria Typica Natural
Panama Santamaria Geisha Natural

Flavour notes: Citrus, floral & smooth

KŪ focuses on light roast so literally this espresso blend is as light as filters. Give this a try on filter too. It is a very forgiving coffee to brew.


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